About Us

Lugano Wood is a designer and producer of BARS under the brand NO BAR. Compared to other furniture, Bar is actually a high involvement product. People create bar setting with passion and link it with prestige. We have invested years to design units that contribute in the evolution of mankind’s wonderful habit of gathering to spend quality time together. 

Apart from being the only producer of automated bars in the world, our few bold designs have challenged the way home bars are used. Our barrel bar with table, for instance, springs out smoothly from the centre giving equal access to all sitting around. No need to imitate a restaurant bar with a bar tender on the other side!  

We are proud of our creations and want the owner to have the same feeling upon having one of the units of NO BAR. Mainstay of our designs is art with utility. Concept on which we work is that our designs must look like an art which unfolds into bar using sophisticated, hidden engineering. Several innovations are incorporated by our engineering department like switch to operate the unit, for instance, is not visible anywhere. Every time, unit is set to motion by the touch of piece of wood is a pleasure for the user. 


Create art which the owner should be proud of and a delight for people who experience it. 


Subtle engineering in charming bar designs is incorporated to add little thrill, little excitement, little drama. Engineers very well know that our priority is to retain the beauty of piece while incorporating mechanism. Hardware is designed to occupy smallest possible space and remains hidden. That’s why we do not have switches on our units. We have, in-house, developed sensor based “touch switch” that can be carried in pocket. Not only this feature adds element of magic but, it also gives total control of the bar to the owner. All our engineering solutions are developed and perfected in house. 


We mostly use wood and metal to produce an artefact or furniture. Starting point of our designs is always aesthetics with utility. Wood provides natural look to the units which upon operation reveals sophisticated bar, creating contrast. Reminder of mankind's progress while remaining close to nature.  


While our designs start from the aesthetics, we are very careful about the utility part. Each design must serve the purpose it is created for. Owner, not only should feel the ease of using the bar but must also get amused every time does so!  Owner must feel satisfied with the beauty and utility for the price paid


3 DIFFERENT SOFTWARES- Maya is used to finalise the piece in 3D format and animated to check the beauty of piece in motion. SolidWorks provides us the dimensions and alignment of different components. Autocad is used to achieve the final drawings for production of various components.

3 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENTS- Mechanical, electrical and electronics are involved to achieve smooth, precise and balanced movement, while keeping the hardware invisible.

7 COUNTRIES supply us different components to complete the unit: Apart from mechanism from Switzerland, we get components from Italy, Germany, USA, Russia, Taiwan and Malaysia.    

If the above seems simple to club in one place, difficult part is to have skilled designers to create breath taking designs, to orchestrate the perfect symphony. We are proud on our designs and our designers. We want the owner to be proud on his selection, as well.