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Life in Motion

Our Origins

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Image by Florian Gretillat

Salvatore Paolucci was an inventor an engineer and a designer par excellence, in the idyllic town of Lugano, Switzerland. Adding motion to furniture pieces was his passion. Paolucci, with his small but capable team, designed and commissioned ultra-luxury bespoke bars around Europe during his 35years career.  Before retiring, Paolucci wanted to take these specialized motion bars to larger audience which needed large amount of funds.

Lugano Steel, a steel trading company, realizing the uniqueness of designs and concept, agreed to associate with Paolucci's project. Lugano Steel not only infused capital but also provided global network. Idea of designing and distributing furniture to the world, that does not exist yet,

Gave birth to Lugano Wood.

Our Business

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Art with utility is the mainstay of our business. We conceptualize novel ideas into products. Each of our designs has to be unique and original. We are proud of our creations and want the owner to have the same feeling upon having one of the units.
Creating an art that would be admired and bring pride to it's owner and add sparkle to eyes of the ones viewing it, culminating in an experience of pure amazement. 

Our Offer

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Little thrill, little drama, little excitement. Subtle engineering in charming designs is our offer. We offer products that have right measure of artistic passion combined with calibrated engineering mechanism

Aesthetics is the starting point of our designs. We mostly use wood, metal, leather, stone to produce an artifact or furniture. Natural elements produce a natural look creating contrast with the sophisticated motion mechanism. A reminder of mankind's progress while remaining close to nature. 


The beauty of the piece is retained while incorporating mechanism. Hardware is designed to occupy the smallest possible space, to keep hidden. All our engineering solutions are developed and perfected in-house.


Each design must serve the purpose it is created for. The close-packed mechanism is developed to get maximum utility space. The owner, not only should feel the ease of using the unit but must also get amused every time does so!

Our Setup

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3 Engineering Departments

Mechanical, electrical, and electronics are involved to achieve smooth, precise, and balanced movement while keeping the hardware invisible.

3 Different Softwares

Maya is used to finalize the piece in 3D format and animated to check the beauty of piece in motion. SolidWorks provides us the dimensions and alignment of different components. AutoCAD is used to achieve the final working drawings for production of various components.

6 Countries

Several countries supply us different components to complete the unit. Apart from mechanism from Switzerland, we get components from Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia ,Taiwan & USA.
3D Wooden Figure

Our Brands

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In our decade of work, We established                as our brand for automated bar furniture and Grey Area for lamps and lighting

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Our Team

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We are a group of Technicians, artisans, carpenters, fitters, managers, designers, engineers, and helpers under the management board run by

Marco Galimberti, Chief administrator

Mario Borsese, Chief engineer

Azam Torabi, Creative Director


Marco Galimberti


Mario Borsese

Azam Torabi

Our Origins
Our Business
Our Offer
Our Brand
Our Team
Our Setup

Contact Us


Corporate Address

Headquarter Via Cantonale 19  6900

                          Lugano, Switzerland



Office -Sales and service

India - A2/16 Site 5 Kasna Industrial Area, Greater Noida-201306 

            Tel: +91 9717496698


Office -Sales and service

Malaysia - 0502 Kiaramas Cendana 10 Jalan Desa

                   Kiara Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur,

                   Tel: +601 72552550


Office -Sales and service

UAE - 2H-06-40 Plot 550-554, J&G DMCC Dubai

          Tel: +971 504576164

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